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Staying on top of your program, is more important today then ever before. Annualloadbook can help you accomplish your goals.

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About The App

About Us Knowing what you are hauling freight for is not good enough until you know what cost you are hauling that freight for. Figuring the CPM (Cost per Mile) This needs to include everything that you want your program to pay for. By adding these costs for both the fixed expenses and the variable expenses for each pay period will show you what type of RPM (Revenue per Mile) The app will track these expenses for any time period that you choose. The load book side of the app will keep the load information for everyload that you haul. This is where the revenue is calculated from. The reports that you run for every pay period will weigh the difference between the CPM and the RPM and present this information in different ways to help you understand and be able to see problem areas and stratagize solutions for them.

Five Generations of Bates.

Jack has been a driver, owner operator and developed the AnnualLoadBook App to have a convenient, effecient and secure way to track all off the revenue and expenses. Jacks office has largely been from the cab of a truck and the app does the profit and Loss statements and runs reports to show what the program is doing in real time.

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Our History

2002 - A wakeup call

In 2002 we had a rude wakeup call, this was the first time that we lost money hauling a load. The old phrase , If the wheels are turning we are making money . Did not apply.

2005 - Birth of the Annualloadbook App

With the adaptation of the smart phone I knew that there would be a better way to keep track of my program. The AnnualLoadBook App is convenient to use on the smart phone , tablet or laptop.

2018 - Exclusive article

Published in Transportation and Logistics Magazine , for best new tecnical solution for both fleets and single owner operators.

2020 - Back in the saddle again

Whith the changes in both the economy and our jobs. We found ourselves on the road again hauling freight for hire. Now more then ever we are able to use the AnnualLoadBook App to track our program in real time and has been a great tool to help us be profitable. It takes more then an app to fix your finances. A good working relationship with either a load planner or the freight movers that you work with and the planning that goes with it.

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