Owner Operators can use the app to keep track of their running mile revenue and running mile expenses in real time, thats convenient

ANNUAL Load Book App For Truckers. Helping you to run Smarter not Harder by showing how you can be more profitable:

Fleet Owners can use the app to push load information to their drivers and collect the reimbursable expenses right from the app. this makes you more effecient

How the Annual Load Book App works

 The Annual Load Book App works by calculating the data that you input and then organizes it for you in different views that will make it easier for you to be able to see a more true picture of how your program is working. The app requires the app user "EMAIL", "NAME" and "TRUCK #" The app uses these attributes to sort the data you add in different ways

That is why it is important for you to keep the data up to date so that the information you see is at its most accurate. Simply fill out each field as best you can. However, some fields are mandatory such as the Date, miles, revenue. These fields are used to figure the running mile pay.

If you just add the loaded miles then the summary only reflects the average loaded miles. So fill out both loaded and unloaded miles to get a true average income per mile. Use the average income per mile to keep track on a load to load bases. This will better help you know what rate you need to ask for. You can add loads to the app hypothetically to quickly check out a load first before you accept it, to see what it will do to your running mile. With all that said, this app will help you understand how to set a running mile minimum and help you check it out before you accept the load to see if you are progressing the right way and to track your expenses and set up your cost per mile.

The information will be presented in a way that will help you understand every aspect of your program by letting you know how much you are spending where and which loads pay better realistically. The app will help you work smarter not harder.

How to get the most from the App

 Truly the best way to get the most from the app is to use it consistently and always add your loads in as soon as you get the payoff information. Remember that you should always know what a load pays before you agree on it. If someone wants to keep you in the dark on a load then you may need to have a talk with them and explain that you are in business to make money by transporting loads and you require that the load information pay is broken down to reflect how the settlements are figured.

An example would be knowing what the line haul rate is, the fuel surcharge, and any special pay for detention, tarp, stops etc. All of the revenue types need to be disclosed to you. Now the app only needs the gross pay to figure the running mile revenue.

Add and share points of interest with other app users an example would be " A great restaurant with truck parking" or " That shop that did excellent work and fixed the problem without making another one" or a national landmark that you have been to that you would like to share.

By adding the expenses that you want your trucking program to pay for along with the load revenue. Using the app consistently as you get more data into the app the better you will start to see that how the app will present this information to you in a way that will help you work smarter and teach you how to make better-educated decisions.

With the new version of the App, you will be able to set up to receive detailed reports by email. This too is a powerful tool to help you stay on top of every aspect of your program and get the information to help you make honest educated decisions.

Happy Trails

Jack Bates